Thank you for choosing to schedule a consultation with Vestin Supply Co. We are able to procure practically any product you seek, specializing in a variety of Malaysian made nitrile gloves and Makrite N95's. The 'Request for Consultation" form below will help us determine whether VSC Exports can service your request. 


The Co-Founders of VSC Exports have a combined 10 years holding full-time residency in Malaysia, and the relationships created over the years has allowed unprecedented access to authentic nitrile gloves from the source where 3 out of every 4 nitrile gloves in the world are made. Our extensive reach for other PPE is sourced mainly from Turkey, and we have other options throughout the planet to help with your request.


Please Note: Submitting this form does not equal a guaranteed consultation. Vestin Supply Co. has a strict vetting process and adheres to a fundamental rule of submitting any suspected fraud inquiries directly to the proper authorities.  

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