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PulsePro Infrared Wrist Scanner (0.2 seconds per scan/20-25 people per minute)

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Re-open with confidence! Introducing the perfect solution for Libraries, grade school's and colleges with schedules to re-open, restaurants, small factory, malls, hospitals, casinos, grocery stores, meat plants and many more..

Vestin Supply Co. is the authorized re-selling partner for the creators of one of the most innovative safety products yet to be seen on the market. Pulse Pro comes with a seven inch color display and massive storage to detect body temperature with Infrared technology. It uses user’s wrist to measure the temperature safely and accurately. It is easy to install and deploy. It is a high efficiency system that can do 20-25 people / minute. Versatile Infrared temperature device that can attach to existing frames or be a standalone system with a stand.

  • Supports non-contact detection of wrist temperature with optional face recognition
  • Supports Infared body temperature detection and personnel information binding
  • Fastest recognition time of 0.2 seconds with average pass through of 20-25 people per minute
  • Seven inch touch screen with resolution of 600×1024
  • Dual Lens 2MP 1080P built in camera to support optional Face recognition with wrist temperature
  • 4Gb storage capacity
  • Stainless steel optional stand
  • Temperature measurement accuracy is ≤0.5°F
  • Easy to deploy as standalone unit or attach to metal detector frame
  • One year warranty with customer and technical support from fabricator included
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